Here is what our Alumni have to say:

"Montessori played a pivotal role in founding and evolving memorials and has helped the prepare for life."

- Diego Vargas student at The University of Miami

"Montessori helped me develop independence in the classroom and to exhaust every possible solution before giving up. it taught me teamwork skills and to have mutual respect between other students and my teachers."

- Monique Martinez student at George Washington University


"Montessori helped me by teaching me how to be independent in all aspects of my life.  It also put me ahead of my classmates in my other schools."

- Melanie Martinez student at Point Park University in Pittsburg

"Montessori helped develop better social and emotional skills."  

- Jamie Kassner student at Florida International University

"I became very independent and learned to take initiative in my school work."

- Gabriela Hall student at Mast Academy 

"Montessori taught me the fundamentals of life and education.  Most importantly it taught me a lot about friendship." 

-Agustin Hall

"Montessori taught me the meaning of independence."

- Valentina Ruiz

"Montessori helped me become a more down to earth individual and inspired my curiosity to learn."

- Abigail Hason student at The University of Miami

Wondering how Montessori education fits into higher education?

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