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Extracurricular activities and special performances throughout the year provide our children with the opportunity to develop the abilities of public speaking, to demonstrate special talents, to fulfill themselves outside the academic routine and to enhance their enjoyment of the school experience.  Children find Cattoira Montessori School a happy, friendly and challenging place.  Some of these activities are conducted during school hours and others are conducted after school.

Young Ballerinas
Spanish flamenco red dance shoes - crosslegged girl.jpg

   Flamenco is a highly expressive Spanish dance form with roots in Indian, Arabic and Spanish cultures. Hand clapping, percussive footwork, and intricate hand, arm and body movements characterize the Flamenco dance. Flamenco is undoubtedly the most recognized part of the Spanish Dance. It is universally appealing because of the variety of dancers and musicians who practice it. Lacking this same appeal, the rest of the Spanish broad range of dance disciplines are virtually unknown outside of Spain. Our interest and purpose is the teaching and staging of these Spanish cultural treasures undiscovered by the public.


Soccer ball and Basketball ball on isolated. .jpg



  This class is dedicated to educating boys and girls of all ages, the art of playing soccer and Basketball . Soccer teaches children the importance of teamwork, rules, inspires self growth and confidence as new skills are perfected. 

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     Students are given basic challenges and then are encouraged to build creatively. Robotics classes purposely give as little instruction as possible at the beginning of the class in order to encourage children to problem solve on their own.

The teacher carefully observes the students as they come up with their solutions and then will provide as much or as little instruction as needed for the student to have an enjoyable experience and feel that their solution was reached on their own. The class also aims to build the students’ confidence, find solutions, and design directly with their hands. 

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